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San Fran Roster

Club President stamp by RockNRollers (National President)
Vaughn "Big Irish" O'Shey

Club President stamp by RockNRollers (San Fran President)
Malachai"Chai" Daecher

National SAA Stamp by VoydKessler
Liam"Bonelayer" Johansen

Dom's Stamp by VoydKessler
Weiss"Domino" Eisenberg

Club SAA Stamp by RockNRollers
-Eli"Chibon" Walker
-Avery"Angel" Mitchell

Club Secretary Stamp by RockNRollers
Gunner "Big Gunn" Stevens

:bulletblue:Secondary -
Dameon "The Wall" Dark

Club Treasurer Stamp by RockNRollers
Leroux "Black Jack" D'Aubigne

:bulletblue:Secondary -
Karston Alder
Club Road Captian Stamp by RockNRollers
Ezio"EZ" Kaito Kelly

:bulletblue:Center Road Captain
Sebastian"Gus" Augustus Damron

:bulletblue:Tail Gunner

Medic Stamp by VoydKessler
-Sean "Over Dose"Flannigan
-Karston Alder

Club Patch Member stamp by RockNRollers
:skullbones:Volf Langh
:skullbones:Ewan "Scarface" O'Shey
:skullbones:Rune "Body Bag" Auchwitz
:skullbones:Asa "Ace" Brolin
:skullbones:River "Blaze" Whitehawk
:skullbones:Rhett "Bama" Williams
:skullbones:Austin "Vice" Davis
:skullbones:Asher "Freebird" Moreno
:skullbones:Alessandro "Daredevil" Davide Verzi
:skullbones:Anzo "Silver Bullet" Tolley
:skullbones:Dameon "The Wall" Dark
:skullbones:Wyatt "Machinehead" Sanchez Miller
:skullbones:Matthias "Shit Weasel" Riker

Club Prospect Stamp by RockNRollers
Hang Around Stamp by VoydKessler

:bulletgreen:Lucien Ueda
:bulletgreen:Kristoph Linden
:bulletgreen:Dakota Jameson
:bulletgreen:Dorian MacGarity
:bulletgreen:Shane "Mick" Macailpin

Support Stamp by VoydKessler
:bulletpurple:Lily Bones
:bulletpurple:Chloe Moretti
:bulletpurple:Alex McKinney

Clubs Shot of Choice - The Rattlesnake


Thanks to Eli for this shit. Its fire.

2 c Yukon Jack (1 Pint)
2 c Southern Comfort (100 proof)
2 c Cherry Brandy (1 Pint)
2 shots Triple Sec (4oz)
1 shot Lime Juice (2oz)
2 shots Grenadine (4oz)
1 c Coke (12oz can)
Fill to 1 gallon mark with Sweet & Sour (1/2 gal)

Chill and enjoy......or if your Liam? Just chug that shit.

Karston's Medical Advice

Alright, it's finally here. New advice!!

I know, you never thought it was coming, did you?

Anyway, in light of today's holiday, I thought I'd post something that you may need to know later on tonight. Today's advice is on ALCOHOL POISONING!

Now for the low down.

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

:bulletgreen: Alcohol poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition brought on by the consumption of large amounts of alcohol in short periods of time. It is found most commonly in binge drinkers.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

:bulletgreen: Confusion
:bulletgreen: Vomiting
:bulletgreen: Seizures
:bulletgreen: Abnormally slow breathing (Less than 10 breaths per minute)
:bulletgreen: Irregular breathing
:bulletgreen: Pale or blue skin
:bulletgreen: Hypothermia (Very low body temperature)
:bulletgreen: Unconsciousness with inability to be roused

As with many conditions, not all symptoms need to be present for alcohol poisoning to have occurred.

What To Do

:bulletgreen: Stay with the person! Under no circumstances should you ever leave someone you suspect of having alcohol poisoning alone. Death is not uncommon for people with severe poisoning and is more likely if the person passes out.

:bulletgreen: If the person is vomiting, keep them help upright. If they're too weak to sit up, even with your assistance, let them lay down, but turn their head to the side. This will prevent the victim from choking on their vomit.

:bulletgreen: Keep the person awake. Keeping victims conscious heightens their chances of survival.

:bulletgreen: If the victim is not vomiting, place them into the recovery position. This means doing several things. Lay the victim on their back, legs flat in in front of them. Place the arm farthest from you straight out, at a right angle and move the arm closest to you over the victim's chest. Pull the leg nearest to you up by the knee, keeping the foot flat on the ground. Hold the victim comfortably by the back of their head and roll them onto their side away from you. Their face should be pointing towards the ground with their top arm and leg bent at right angles. This will clear any excess fluid from their air passages and ensure that they can keep breathing.

:bulletgreen: Keep the victim warm. Wrap them in blankets or anything warming. Hypothermia is at high risk and victims will most likely be unable to tell whether they are getting colder or not. If the victim is wet in any way, remove their clothes. This will help them warm up faster.

:bulletgreen: Hydrate the victim. Water is your best bet when dealing with someone suffering from alcohol poisoning. The liquids will dilute the alcohol and make it easier to process. No water at hand? Sports drinks such as Gatorade will also do the trick. Make sure the flow of fluids is steady though. Don't force a lot of liquids at once.

:bulletgreen: Avoid caffeine!! Caffeine will help in dehydrating the victim. Black coffee is definitely a no no!

:bulletgreen: Let them sip on fruit juice. Vitamins are a key aspect in helping someone recover from alcohol poisoning.

:bulletgreen: Should the victim be suffering from any of the last six symptoms on the list, seek IMMEDIATE medical attention. These people are going to have more going on with them than just the poisoning and are going to need emergency care. Remember, even if you think the person will be mad at you, an angry friend is better than a dead friend.


:bulletgreen: Know your limits!! If you've reached the point where you know you're drunk, now is the time to stop drinking and start hydrating. If you continue drinking, you're much more likely to find yourself with alcohol poisoning.

:bulletgreen: Eat! Food helps to slow alcohol absorption. Thinks rich in carbohydrates and proteins are great for this.

:bulletgreen: Drink more water!! Water will help keep you hydrated and help you counteract some of the negative affects of alcohol.

Remember boys, if you're going to party hard, make sure you do it safely! Keep these things in mind and watch out for each other. I don't want to see any of you in my ER!

Oh and never forget, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Have a great St. Paddy's Day boys!

Our Drinking Club has a Motorcycle Problem

I Love Guns Stamp by Its-An-InfernoGun Control by impersonalinfoPro-gun stamp by Ramen27

Mature Content

FUCK stamp of FUCK by Daakukitsune
Gun Free Zone by impersonalinfoRnR Stamp by Seven--VIIHate Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFoxDark Side Stamp by Kiza-SanFuck Society by 3wyl:thumb183747556:SAMCRO stamp by picturefragmentsHarley Davidson Stamp by SayurisyeAsshole by tufkaPStop It by rudeboyskunkI love Tattooed Men by sequelleDon't you piss me off by mxlove



Ntl. President - Vaughn O'Shey


Ntl. VP - Malachai Daecher


Club Officers


Patch Members



The latest MOTM is EZIO!!!

Don't forget to vote for next months MOTM!

Liam would like you to know......



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